Scope Of Application ISO14001/9001 and EN9100

Headquarters Factory and West Techno Factory

Plating of Parts for Transport Equipment and for Electronic Devices, and Molding/Hard-Coating of Headlight Lenses for Vehicles and Motorcycles


TÜV Rhenland/Berlin-Brandenburg

Environmental Policy

  1. Kamiya Riken catches exactly the influence which manufacture of various plating, resin molding and coating products has on environment, and promotes prevention of environmental pollution and the continuous improvement of environmental activity.
  2. Kamiya Riken observes the law and regulations about environment.
  3. About supply of raw materials (plating chemicals, paint, etc.) and equipment, Kamiya Riken aims at an improvement of environmental preservation, resources protection, and energy efficiency, strives for reduction of factory waste and energy consumption of a production facility and equipment, promotes those recycling.
  4. Kamiya Riken builds the structure in which the organization and employee of the whole company can work, defines the purpose and target of a continuous environmental improvement for the whole company and each section, and promotes environmental protection activities.
  5. Kamiya Riken carries out an environmental internal audit periodically, and supervises and manages the enforcement situation of environmental management, and improves an environmental management organization, the environmental purpose and a target, promotes a continuous improvement.
  6. The promotion method of environmental protection activities is document-ized, and a promotion situation is recorded and strives for maintenance and an improvement of an environmental management system. Moreover, these results are well-known to all employees through environmental education, and promote improvement in the consciousness about environment.

Quality Policy

  1. Kamiya Riken improves a quality management system continuously, makes the quality which proves worthy of customer's needs and trust, and supplies products.
  2. In order to supply quality products continuously, Kamiya Riken employs a quality management system standard ISO 9001:2000, the statute and the regulation demand matter.
  3. In order to practice them concretely, the chief of each department makes a policy understand in a self department, defines and practice a quality target, and reviews the achievement.
  4. From a managing director as a person-in-charge of quality control down to all employees have the responsibility for quality according to a duty, and fulfill own responsibility.

* The products which Kamiya Riken deals with are various plating, resin molding, and hard coating.

Representative Director President Bungo Kamiya