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Zinc-nickel alloy plating(bright,colored,black) + acrylic coating(clear,black)

It has more than tripled the heat and corrosion resistance to zinc-plating, and there is little generating of hydrogen embrittlement. It is mostly used to the autparts of which high heat and corrosion resistance is required.

Zinc-nickel alloy plating corresponding to hexavalent chromium free + Non-chromium coating (clear, black)

A film which does not contain hexavalent chromate becomes possible by carrying out trivalent chromate and performing Non-chromium coating on top coat as alternative treatment of hexavalent chromate.
Salt spray test:During 500 hours, less than 5% area of white color rust generating.

Hard chromium plating

Since a film is hard and there are few wear coefficients, it has excellent wear resistance.
Application:Functional parts, such as a crankshaft.

Satellite nickel-chromium plating(satin-nickel plating)

It has uniform and graceful appearance and has high corrosion resistance.
Application:coating of auto parts.

Bright tin plating, mat tin plating for aluminum materials

Since tin is a comparatively soft metal, it plates to sliding surface of a machine and achieves the duty which improves familiarity. Moreover, it plates to things which carry out solder processing, such as electric parts, and the process ability of solder is improved or it is used for nitriding prevention etc.

Copper plating

There are the outstanding leveling and macrothrowing power.
Application:undercoat for decorative plating, preventing method for carburizing, electroforming.

Copper-nickel-chromium plating

In the color tone which has deep metallic luster, it is used as the last finish of all parts.
Application:Exterior parts(a head lamp, a taillight, and indicator etc.)

Gold plating

It is broadly used as plating to accessories, electronic products, etc.

Silver plating

The application, such as accessories, tableware, and electronic products, is used widely.

Gold color plating + clear coating

It is used for the decorative use as a golden imitation. Unlike brass plating, a color tone becomes very grace and near 24K Gold color and it has the corrosion resistance of the level which can be used as exterior parts.

Black chromium plating

There are corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
Application:optical instruments, ornament parts such as a muffler of a motorcycle, and a holder of a lens.

Tin-lead plating(6-4 solder)

It is widely used for the place which needs good soldering, such as electricity and electronic products, a printed circuit board, auto parts, and a machine part.

Nickel-boron electroless plating

It excels in wear resistance and uniform precipitation like electroless nickel-phosphorus plating. Moreover, compared with nickel-phosphorus plating, if there is no heat treatment, there is Hv700-800(Vickers hardness) in the state of a deposit.

Electroless nickel-phosphorus plating(8 to 11%)

It excels in the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and uniform precipitation of a film.
Application:auto parts such as an inside of a pipe, a shaft, and a piston, and precision instruments such as a metallic mold.

Carbon chloride impregnation

With this processing, a powerful lubricant film is formed and it is useful to high life-zation of an edged tool etc.

2.Electro polishing of stainless parts

Appearance can be freely controlled from the shape of satin to gloss, and the gloss side is very excellent.

3.Resin molding and hard coating

Up to now, polycarbonate resin was adapted as for the headlight lens of automobiles and motorcycles from the reason of design. However, wear resistance(easy to scratch) and weathering resistance (discoloration by UV) are bad if it remains as it is.
In order to protect the surface, hard coating is performed.

Equipment outline

Manufacturing equipment Allowed size for machining(mm) Qty.
Zinc-nickel alloy plating machine 1 barrel(up to 25kg) 1
700×350×200 1
The hexavalent chromium-free correspondence type zinc-nickel alloy plating machine 900×850×200 1
Gold plating machine 200×100×50 2
Gold color plating machine
(three metals alloy plating)
700×350×200 1
Silver plating machine 1 barrel(up to 20kg) 1
For connecting rods only 1
Black chromium plating machine 700×350×200 1
Hard chromium plating machine 700×350×200 3
8,000×100×100 1
Satellite nickel plating machine 700×350×200 1
Tin plating machine 700×350×200 2
Electro polishing machine 1,000×1,050×150 1
Copper plating machine 1 barrel(up to 20kg) 1
Copper-nickel-chromium plating machine 700×350×200 1
Nickel plating machine 700×350×200 1
Nickel-chromium plating machine 700×350×200 2
Tin-lead plating machine(6-4 solder) 700×350×200 1
Electroless tin plating machine(for aluminum) 700×350×200 1
Electroless nickel plating machine 700×350×200 4
Carbon chloride impregnation machine 200×200×100 1
Molding machine 450t 2
600t 1
Hard coat machine 900×500×200 1


Nickel-chromium and black-chromium plating


Exterior parts for motorcycles and automobiles

Gold color plating

gold color


Zinc-nickel alloy plating + resin coating


Corrosion-proof heavy-duty bolts and nuts for motorcycles and automobiles

Resin molding and hard coating

resin molding

Head light lenses for motorcycles, automobiles and buggies

Electro polishing

electro polishing

Disc brake

Silver, nickel, tin plating


Electronic parts


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